Professional Teen Program


Teens in Film

$140 plus tax for six weeks

April 20 th - June 1 st

Weekly Zoom meetings, plus one on one with instructors Clayton Neuwirth

All other in-class packages on hold until further notice.

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Mondays 6-9 pm Jan 20th - March 2nd (Dark Family Day), April 20th - June 1st (Dark Victoria Day)
COST: $285 (plus tax)
Langford Studio
111-689 Hoffman Avenue Langford
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Be Audition Ready!

Teens 12-15 yrs

This audition intensive for teens involves six weeks of scene study, character development and on-camera audition technique for the new teen actor as well as the more seasoned one. Throughout the course each student will work on several scenes to be presented at the end of the course in a showcase for Carrow-Kaese Casting. The course is both great exposure as well as a great way to learn about the industry all while delving deeper into the craft of acting.

Course Outline:

Summary: This course will teach teens to be audition ready.

Required Materials: Each actor must bring pen/notebook to take notes. They must bring their folder with them each week.

Intro Class

  • Industry Talk: How it all works
  • Introductions and warm up
  • Talk and Q & A on course expectations. 
  • How to read a breakdown
  • First scenes handed out

Weekly Class Content 

  • Warm ups 
  • How to approach a script
  • Scene Study Technique 
  • Techniques for memorizing lines
  • General Slate information
  • Costuming an audition
  • What to bring
  • Create a resume
  • Commercial audition warm up
  • Tell me something about yourself
  • Mock commercial audition
  • Commercial Sides handed out
  • Cold read Commercial Sides
  • Cold Read twice (once off camera, and once on camera)
  • One Liner exercise
  • Scene study intensive warm up
  • Learn Mantra exercise
  • Learn Repeat the Line exercise
  • Put scenes on camera (Practice for showcase)
  • Review details of Mock Audition
  • Mock Audition Fakedown (Fake Breakdown) Sent out to students on Tuesday
  • Mock Audition (Will have fake casting assistant bring each student into audition room.
  • Showcase
  • Audition two scenes