Mark Brandon - Advanced learning for Actors

Sun Jan 31 st - March 7 th 2021 - 6.30-8.30 pm
$195 plus tax = $204.75
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Mark Brandon Joins Spotlight Academy as an integral part of our our online Advanced learning for Actors.

Sunday’s Online via Zoom

Master Class with Mark Brandon

You’ve got two things to do at your audition: get the job, or be remembered. In this challenging course, Mark Brandon will train you in competitive audition strategies designed to consistently achieve those results. Mark employs them in every audition of his own to regularly book TV and Film roles.

Every week, you will be assigned a new, two-page audition scene and introduced to a different strategy. As each session progresses, you will be expected to proficiently demonstrate each new strategy the following week. The final objective is to master and incorporate all of the audition strategies simultaneously in every scene.

For example, you will learn how to “bookend” your scenes —a process of starting and ending your audition which every casting director looks for. You will also learn two great transition techniques that capture the attention of directors and producers.

Additionally, Mark will share on-camera technicalities that can separate you from pack — like how to make the best use of eyelines, camera marks, framing and body language. Your entire audition will inevitably take on amore polished, professional look.

This is a demanding class. Actors should have either IMDb credits or substantial theatre experience. Also, actors who take the course are invited to repeat it. Those who do, will pick up where they left off, expected to continually apply all strategies, with an added focus on maximizing instincts and individual style.

For the first four weeks, you will be assigned a two-page audition scene every week, and be expected to demonstrate each new strategy as it is introduced. You will learn how to “bookend” your scenes—a technique every casting director looks for. You will also learn two great techniques that capture the attention of directors and producers. In addition, Mark will share technicalities and fine points that separate you from other actors in the waiting room. These points include how to make the best use of eye lines, camera marks and framing. Your entire audition will take on a more polished, professional look that inevitably results in strong, memorable work.

The final two weeks will consist of addressing your overall acting skills, ensuring your ability to capably handle Guest Star and Recurring Roles. All materials will be provided by Mark, including his eBook on how to eliminate audition room fears.


Mark Brandon’s career as a professional actor spans nearly 30 years in the U.S and Canada, with 141 credits in film and television. He’s held over a dozen recurring roles on TV, starting with Days of Our Lives, and more recently, The Man in the High Castle and Riverdale. Presently, Mark recurs on the Hallmark Channel as the mayor of Chesapeake Shores.

Mark loves to encourage and inspire actors just starting out and teaches periodically. Many of his students have gone on to recurring roles of their own, including some becoming series regulars. His book for beginning actors, Winning Auditions - 101 Strategies for Actors, continues to sell throughout North America.