Tweens in Film


Tweens in Film

$140 plus tax for 10 weeks

All other in class packages on hold until further notice.

April 15 th - June 17 th

Weekly Zoom meetings, plus one on one with instructors Gillian Croft

All other in-class packages on hold until further notice.

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Fri April 17th - June 19th 2020, Fri Sept 18th - Nov 20th 2020 Friday’s 4- 6 pm or 6:15-8:15 pm
ONE FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS. Registration by appointment. Classes. $140 plus tax $147 for 4 foundational classes ( No movie component) $260 plus tax $273 for 10 classes ( To include the movie performance) Or by a $42 non refundable deposit. A film acting performance opportunity will be given to those who commit to 10 classes per term with the making of a movie at the end of each season. December/ April / June
Langford Studio
111-689 Hoffman Avenue Langford
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Registrations are always ongoing. No experience necessary.

A film acting performance opportunity will be given to those who commit to 10 classes with the making of a movie at the end of each term. December/ April / June.

AGES 8-12 yrs. Study the craft of acting in front of the camera, with scene study and commercial improv. Action packed and information overload. Register early to avoid disappointment

Acting, voice and movement are incorporated into weekly classes where professional coaches inspire and motivate kids on a voyage of self discovery. Through improv we encourage kids to think quickly and communicate effectively. Theatre games are used for further understanding when working as an individual or as a team.

Classes cover scene study, script analysis for the stage and screen. Solid audition skills and character development are taught which form a solid foundation for a child who enjoys performance.

Specialized instructors introduce students to actual film production. Basic fundamental skills are explored in a safe and nurturing environment. There is a career development component for parents of children interested in careers in film that is held quarterly.

All of these aspects are essential in encouraging students to gain self esteem and confidence.

This is a guaranteed fun-packed, high-energy ongoing class that begins as an exploratory experience that has lead to discovering young stars of the stage and screen.

The performance aspect of our school is in the Film Camps which take place during the school year at Spring Break, Summer, Halloween and Christmas. Students are encouraged to participate in Film Camps to exercise and showcase their talent. Having fun and learning skills for life is the primary focus, however some students will eventually seek representation by a licensed Talent Agent in BC. Spotlight instructors will encourage this when the student is ready. This process is part of a journey, and that journey for working actors is ongoing.